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Subscribers are asked to pay £60 per year, and for this they  get:

  • Fortnightly copies of the Academy and School News Update , i.e, 26 copies per year instead of the previous 13
  • A revised format for the Updates so that it is easier to identify the news that relates to your particular interests but with no reduction in the range and comprehensive nature of the content
  • Headline news emailed to you when there is something urgent that you need to know straight away and between Updates
  • A personalised Q and A service, whereby you can email me asking for:
    • any information about any educational topic where you have a query or need to know something quickly
    • access to particular educational documents, resources, policies etc
  • Access to this password protected, continuously updated website, which contains over 1400 documents comprising the key educational documents over time and also school improvement resources and materials

If you wish to register, then all you have to do, without any obligation at this stage, is email me at, including your email address and a username of your choosing. I will then email you full details of how to subscribe

 Once payment or a purchase order is received, I will email you a password which will enable you to use the “Log in” tab to access both the Updates and the Website from the “Documents ” tab