Timeline for free schools, university technical colleges and studio schools: useful

Updated 20 January 2017

Spring term 2017


Coasting policy

Parliament has now approved our proposed definition of coasting. The definition and the type of schools it applies to are available in the Primary school accountability and Progress 8 and Attainment 8 publications. Regional schools commissioners will contact schools to discuss additional help they might need. More information about this process is available in the Schools causing concern guidance.


Secondary (key stage 4) and 16-to-18 school and college performance tables

We published the secondary (KS4) and 16-to-18 school and college performance tables and corresponding statistics on 19 January 2017. They show the attainment of pupils at the end of key stage 4 or 16-to-18 study in the 2015 to 2016 academic year. This includes new performance measures, following previously announced government reforms to the schools and colleges accountability system.

We will publish additional information on the completion and attainment and retention measures in the 16-to-18 school and college performance tables in March 2017.

The performance tables and additional guidance are available on GOV.UK.


Technical and applied qualifications

In March 2017 we will publish an update to the lists of technical and applied qualifications approved for teaching from September 2017 and which we will report in the 2019 performance tables. We will publish them alongside lists of technical and applied qualifications approved for reporting in earlier years. They will replace the initial publication of these lists.


Free teacher subject specialism training

From spring term 2017 teacher subject specialism training is available to book for teachers who are:

  • non-specialist teachers of maths, physics and modern foreign languages (MFL)
  • specialist MFL teachers not currently teaching MFL or those who may be looking to teach a new language in addition to their specialism
  • former teachers returning to the profession

Schools run the training courses, mainly during term time, with various start dates available. Teachers can search and apply for places through the directory.


Women leading in education: regional networks

We have appointed 9 schools to set up and run regional networks to:

  • support women teachers with career progression
  • overcome unconscious discrimination
  • share effective practice
  • promote the leadership coaching pledge

The regional networks will be recruiting new members in the spring term 2017. For contact details and event information please see the guidance on regional networks on GOV.UK.

Contact the Women Leading in Education team.


Condition data collection programme

Surveying organisations contracted by the Education Funding Agency (EFA) will begin visiting government-funded schools and sixth-form colleges in England from January 2017 to collect building condition and high-level site information.

The 3-year programme is called the Condition Data Collection (CDC), and we will carry it out between February 2017 and September 2019. The CDC will provide an up-to-date evidence base which will help inform future funding allocations and help direct investment to the areas with the greatest condition need. It will also help identify school buildings for inclusion in future rebuilding programmes and help those responsible for maintaining buildings develop their building management data.

You can find more information and guidance about the CDC and what it means for your school in the EFA guidance on CDC.